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Chromatography provides a magnitude of applications to supply needed data from environmental analysis, product/systems control, and purity assays. For this reason, the Chromatography Section of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division has an experienced staff and a significant number of gas and liquid chromatographs and housing various detector systems capable of analyzing specific compounds. Each instrument is equipped with automatic sampling capabilities so that a large throughput of samples can be maintained while meeting stringent time requirements.

Herbert Schattenberg, Manager

Technical strengths in the section include:

  • Performance of standard procedures (Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Safety and Health, and others) in support of environmental regulation compliance screening where specific instrumentation and methods are required

  • Support of method development procedures for new analyses

  • Pesticide residue analysis in various matrices which include soil, water, solids, biological tissue, air, and food

  • Multiresidue analysis of 150 pesticides in produce within a six-hour turnaround time

  • Permanent gas analyses supporting tasks such as landfill gas characterization, plant gas purity certification, and semiconductor manufacturing supply gas quality control assays

  • Analytical procedures in support of product purity requirements for production facility systems control

  • Chemical analysis required in support of other research areas, such as fire technology, materials testing, environmental degradation studies, and others

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April 21, 2014