Heavy-Duty Diesel CJ-4 (PC 10) Evaluations
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image: Heavy-Duty Diesel CJ-4 (PC 10) lubricant evaluations

The Cummins ISM engine is used to evaluate a lubricant's effectiveness at reducing soot related overhead wear, sludge and oil filter plugging.

The most recent API performance category for heavy-duty engine lubricants is CJ-4. SwRI performs all of the necessary engine based ASTM lubricant tests required to meet CJ-4. Details are available below for each of these.

  • Caterpillar 1N (ASTM D6750)
  • Caterpillar C13 (ASTM D7484)
  • Cummins ISB (ASTM D7549)
  • Cummins ISM (ASTM D7468)
  • Mack T11 (ASTM D7156)
  • Mack T12 (ASTM D7422)
  • Engine oil aeration test (ASTM D6894)
  • Roller follower wear test (ASTM D7468)
  • Sequence IIIF or IIIG (ASTM D6984 or D7320)

GF-5 Bench Tests

SwRI also performs all of the GF-5 related bench tests. These tests include the following:

Bench Test Name ASTM Test Number
Elastomer (Seal) Compatibility D7216
Engine Oil Shear Stability D7109
Foaming D892
High-Temperature Corrosion D6594
High-Temperature High-Shear Viscosity D4683
NOACK Volatility D5800
Phosphorus D4951
Sooted Oil MRV D6896
Sulfated Ash D874
Sulfur D4951

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