Advanced science.  Applied technology.




We develop software for a broad spectrum of industries with an emphasis on integrating solutions, evaluation and process improvement for electronics, hardware and networks. We offer extensive systems and software development with multiple software laboratories serving the automotive, aviation, space, defense and electronics industries to develop custom solutions from small consulting contracts to multimillion dollar development projects.

Aerospace Software

Addressing aerospace needs from engine health management to training to safety assessments

Automotive Software

Designing, developing, and analyzing advanced systems and software solutions for the automotive industry

Earth Sciences

Investigating geologic stress states and their effects on faults

Integrity & Reliability

Predicting component life and probabilistic response for the reliability of engineered systems

Project Management & Space

Developing program support tools for large project management needs

Software & Systems Engineering

Offering integrated software development, testing, and process improvement to transform concepts into reality for networks, vehicles, transportation, aerospace, and defense