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The SwRI Machinery Program is internationally known for its expertise in gas turbine technology, rotordynamics, and design audits.

We have helped develop and operate reliable, safe turbo and reciprocating machinery for more than 50 years. The Machinery Program solves fluid and structural dynamics problems, provides root cause failure analysis expertise, designs and tests machines, offers rapid response world-wide field services, and provides design review and auditing services for manufacturers and users of rotating machinery. SwRI combines custom consultations and extensive field experience with world leading analytical, computational, and test capabilities. SwRI has completed contract work for major oil and gas, power generation, and manufacturing companies.

To contract with SwRI, please contact the Services Hotline at +1 210 522 3000.

For more information, contact Klaus Brun or call +1 210 522 5449

CFD & Heat Transfer

Advancing gas turbine technology and turbomachinery with computational fluid dynamics and thermal analyses

Field Services

Providing in-field technical support, troubleshooting, and testing for gas turbines, compressors, and turbomachinery

Fluid Pipeline Modeling & Simulation

Using pipeline simulations as an optimization tool in many liquid and gas processes

Gas Properties

Helping clients improve accuracy in embedded equations of state (EOS) with proven engineering analysis tools

Gas Turbine Services

Offering performance modeling and diagnosis as well as remaining life analysis and failure analysis

Key Machinery Technologies

Supporting the oil and gas, wind energy, and power generation industries among other areas 

Piping & System Design

Providing comprehensive services, from acoustic analysis to safety valve analysis and thermal stress analysis

Pulsation Analyses

Identifying compressor pulsations or vibrations that can lead to structural damage

Rotor Blade Dynamics

Diagnosing fatigue and other issues related to rotating blades in turbomachinery

Structural Analyses

Analyzing turbomachinery and turbine technology, from design to condition assessments and life analyses

Vibration Analyses

Performing essential analyses to study the effects of vibration on turbo machinery and turbines