Carbon Capture Processing

image of High-Temperature CO2 Separation Membrane Evaluation System

High-temperature CO2 separation membrane evaluation system

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Fuel cell development

image of Carbon Capture Technology Brochure

Carbon Capture
Technology Brochure

image of lab tech with a bubble column reactor

CO2 absorption in a bubble column reactor

Carbon capture and sequestration technology is being advanced by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) engineers and scientists. Helping those who are working on technologies that respond to climate change regulations, SwRI offers clients scientific knowhow and process development expertise in carbon capture and sequestration technology development in the following areas:

  • CO2 capture pilot plant design/integration/operations
  • Capture technology selection and evaluation
  • Process and flue gas automated sampling and analyses
  • CO2 separation membrane technologies
  • Capture system simulation and energy consumption evaluation
  • Use of regenerated CO2 as a process feedstock
  • Site monitoring/control
  • Complete system analysis and process simulation
  • Process component integration
  • CO2 absorption-enhanced reforming process development

Recent areas of work include:

  • Vapor/liquid equilibrium testing (VLE data)
  • Greenhouse gas-to-fuel technology
  • Geological sequestration testing
  • Chemical absorption and physical separation systems
  • High temperature CO2 separation ceramic membrane development
  • Greenhouse gas monitoring
  • Alternative energy (fuel cells, hydrogen production, chemical batteries)

Related Terminology

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