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image: SwRI continues to provide fire services for many transportation industries, including the marine industry.

SwRI continues to provide fire services for many transportation industries, including the marine industry.

image: Fire Research and Testing Services for the Transportation Industry Flyer

Fire Research & Testing
Services for the Transportation
 Industry Flyer

Having led the fire research industry in laboratory- and full-scale fire performance evaluation for more than 50 years, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) continues to support the following transportation industries:

  • Automotive
  • Rail
  • Mass transit
  • Marine
  • Aerospace

Fire Services for the Transportation Industry

Programs for the transportation industry have typically included:

  • Evaluation of fuel delivery systems
  • Evaluation of fuel delivery tanks
  • Alternative fuel studies
  • Performance and certification of shipping containers for radioactive and hazardous materials
  • U.S. Coast Guard classification/certification
  • IMO FTP code testing classification/certification
  • Evaluation of interior components
  • Toxicity studies
  • Corrosivity studies
  • Evaluation of aboveground fuel storage tanks
  • Structural evaluation
  • Full-scale rate of heat release calorimetry
  • Evaluation of large, collision-induced liquid and gas fires
  • Thermal shield evaluation
  • Heat shield evaluation

Fuel Tanks ECE R34, FMCSA 49CFR 393.67
CNG/LPG Tanks FMVSS 304, DOT 49CFR, Ch 1, Sec 179.105-4, NFPA 58
Alternative Fuel Studies ECE R34
Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank UFC 79-7, SwRI 93-01, SwRI 95-03, UL 142, UL 2085, UL 2080, SwRI 99-01
Shipping Containers 10 CFR 71
Interior Components DOT FMVSS 302, ASTM E 1354, ASTM E 152, ASTM E 662, ASTM E 648, ISO 1182, NFPA 130
U.S. Coast Guard/IMO Testing/Classification Certification IMO FTP Code Resolution MSC.61(67)
Toxicity/Corrosivity ABD 0031, BOEING BSS 7239, Drager Tubes, IMP FTP Code Part 2, NES-713, SMP 800-C
Structural Elements ASTM E 119, ASTM E 1529, BS 476 Part 20, 24, ISO 834, NFPA 251, NFPA 130

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