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  image of SwRI-developed eddy current inspection system

This SwRI-developed eddy current inspection system uses a three-axis scanner to inspect the small blades of the space shuttle's auxiliary power units. The sensing coil is only 0.3 mm (0.013 in.) in diameter, to allow inspection of the blades extremely close to the disk rim.


image of SwRI-developed eddy current probe array


This SwRI-developed eddy current probe array was developed to provide improved inspection performance, speed, and coverage for turbine disks. The probe has 16 coils, which are interfaced to the eddy current instrument using an SwRI-developed multiplexer unit.

A variety of electromagnetic methods are researched and investigated by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) engineers, including:

  • Eddy current

  • Remote field eddy current

  • Pulsed eddy current

  • Electric current perturbation (ECP)

Electromagnetic Applications

  • Computer modeling

  • Reliability studies

  • Specialized procedure development

  • Specialized nondestructive evaluation (NDE) system development

  • Position and orientation sensing

  • Stress measurement

    • Barkhausen noise techniques

    • Magnetically induced velocity-change (MIVC) techniques

    • Nonlinear harmonics

    • Reversible permeability

    • Strain gauge measurement

Electromagnetics Capabilities and Past Projects

Selected electromagnetics capabilities and projects include:

For more information about our nondestructive evaluation capabilities, electromagnetics, or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Jay Fisher, Ph.D., at or (210) 522-2028.


Contact Information

Jay Fisher, Ph.D.


(210) 522-2028

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August 07, 2014