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Corrosion—Time of Wetness Sensors

Mobile Sensors for Gas Pipeline

Multielectrode Array Sensor (MAS™)

Coating Degradation Sensor (CDS)

Anodes for Cathodic Protection

Subsea Pipeline Pads

The following hyperlinked list is a guide to more corrosion-related resources. The views expressed in the linked pages are those of the individual hosts, and they do not necessarily reflect the policies or positions of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

For more information about our corrosion evaluation, prediction, and mitigation programs, links to corrosion-related resources, or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Elizabeth Trillo, Ph.D., at or
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Corrosion Testing and Research

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corrosion research

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corrosion sensors

corrosion life prediction

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laser Raman spectroscopy

corrosion monitoring

cathodic protection

microbiologically influenced corrosion

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