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Applied Materials Synthesis

Our applied materials synthesis facility includes a 2,000 square foot laboratory dedicated to the special synthetic and processing requirements of organic and inorganic polymers, composites, ceramics and catalysts.  Various polymer, preceramic materials, biomaterial composites and adhesives, refractory coatings, zeolite-supported and soluble catalysts, silicones and silanes have been produced and developed in the laboratory.  Special equipment such as inert atmosphere glove boxes are available for the anaerobic and anhydrous handling of materials which are air-sensitive.  Aggressive and highly reactive materials are routinely and safely handled in the laboratory.  Syntheses from routine polymerizations to specialized procedures requiring dry solvent and inert atmospheres can be performed on scales from milligrams to kilograms.

For further information, contact: Michael A. Miller.

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April 15, 2014