Mechanics & Materials

The Mechanics and Materials Section has developed several core technology areas that, when taken collectively, allow us to evaluate the performance of structures, mechanical components, and engineered systems.

General Capabilities

[Ben Thacker, Ph.D.]

Probabilistic Methods

[David Riha]

  • Model Verification and Validation
  • Probabilistic Analysis and Design
  • Probabilistic Mechanics and Reliability
  • Probabilistic Software
    • NESSUS Software
    • NESSUS: A New Tool for Safer Structures

Uncertainty Modeling and Quantification

[John McFarland]

  • Uncertainty Modeling and Quantification

Lifing Methods

[Craig McClung, Ph.D.]

  • Probabilistic Methods for Life Prediction
  • Structural Life Services
  • Life Prediction Services
  • Life Prediction of Materials and Structures
  • Life Prediction Software Development
  • Life Prediction Methods Development
  • Prognosis and Structural Health Monitoring
  • Integrity and Reliability Software
  • Lifing Software
    • NASGRO Software
    • DARWIN Software


[Dan Nicolella, Ph.D.]


[Steve Hudak, Ph.D.]

Related Terminology

biomechanics  • mechanics and materials  • structural integrity  • reliability assessment  • mechanical behavior  • mechanical characterization, fatigue life characterization  • crack growth  •  corrosion fatigue  • probabilistic mechanics  • uncertainty modeling  •  bone fracture  • bone properties

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