Mechanics & Materials

The Mechanics and Materials Section has developed several core technology areas that, when taken collectively, allow us to evaluate the performance of structures, mechanical components, and engineered systems.

  • Probabilistic Methods

  • Lifing Methods

    • Probabilistic Methods for Life Prediction [Enright]
    • Structural Life Services [Chell]
    • Life Prediction Services [Chell/Hudak]
    • Life Prediction of Materials and Structures [Hudak/McClung]
    • Life Prediction Software Development [McClung]
    • Life Prediction Methods Development [McClung]
    • Prognosis and Structural Health Monitoring [Hudak]
    • Integrity and Reliability Software [McClung/Thacker]
    • Lifing Software
  • Biomechanics

    • Bone Mechanics [Nicolella]
    • Bone Micromechanics [Nicolella]
    • Impact Biomechanics [Nicolella/Thacker]
    • Biomaterials Characterization [Nicolella]
    • Biomechanics [Nicolella]
  • Miscellaneous

Related Terminology

NESSUS  •  life prediction  •  structural integrity  •  reliability assessment  •  mechanical behavior  •  mechanical characterization, fatigue life characterization  • crack growth  •  corrosion fatigue  •  probabilistic mechanics  •  uncertainty modeling  •  NASGRO  •  integrity and reliability

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