Metering Research Facility (MRF) Staff
Metering Research Facility

image of an MRF staff member operates a valve located in the HPL test section

An MRF staff member operates a valve located in the HPL test section.

The meter calibration and research work performed at the Metering Research Facility (MRF) at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is well-supported by its staff. MRF management directs the larger research projects, maintenance, and the long-term quality of the facility. MRF management also receives direction from the MRF Executive Committee (listed below), chiefly composed of business executives from gas industry companies.

The engineering staff (listed below) plans and manages the various industry-funded research projects. The facility engineers also oversee standard calibrations and prepare client reports.

The technician staff performs the meter test work using the MRF data acquisition system and Rosemount Supervisory Control system. The technicians also prepare and install the meters and related piping required for meter calibrations. The majority of MRF repair and maintenance activities are performed by the technician staff as well.

Flow Measurement Program

MRF Staff

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