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Benjamin A. White
Fluid Machinery Systems
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Reciprocation pump analysis

Reciprocating pump analysis is provided in the design and operational stages.

To minimize downtime and potential failures and resolve reciprocating pump system problems when they first become apparent, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) provides quick-response field and consultation services and a full range of field engineering services to measure, analyze, and correct problems affecting safe, reliable reciprocating pump operation, such as:

  • Rotor dynamics analysis
  • Finite element models
  • Computational fluid dynamic analysis
  • Pulsation simulations

These services are supported by continuing research and development programs that allow SwRI to stay abreast of industry needs.

Industrial Reciprocating Pump Problems

SwRI has the necessary test instrumentation and field analysis techniques to evaluate a broad range of industrial problems. Special-purpose instruments and remote monitoring systems are also available as required.

Contact us for more information about our machinery vibration services, reciprocating pump support services and capabilities or how you can contract with SwRI.

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