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Particle Size Graph

SwRI engineers consider each gas turbine location for expected particle type and size so that a proper inlet filtration design can be implemented.

Inlet Filtration System Scetch

SwRI engineers will determine the proper selection of filtration equipment based on the anticipated operating environment of the gas turbine.

Filtration Equipment Selection Table

The inlet filtration system is often an assembly of multiple filtration steps and is located at the entrance to the gas turbine in the inlet ducting.

Life Assessment Bar Graph

SwRI engineers can assess and compare the total life cycle cost of ownership for multiple assumed inlet filtration solutions.

Gas turbine inlet air quality is controlled through the proper application of air filtration systems. High quality filtered air prevents gas turbine failures and performance degradation for a variety of climates and environments. Each gas turbine installation has unique air filtration requirements that must be carefully considered. SwRI Machinery Program engineers can assist you with your gas turbine inlet filtration challenges. SwRI engineers provide client assistance in filtration system selection, system design audits, and root cause failure analyses.

Filter Selection/Design Audit

  • Design of filter system from commercially available selections
  • Environmental and performance considerations
  • Audit of existing design for local environmental conditions
  • Audit/review of proposed designs
  • Failure analysis of existing loaded filters or filter system designs
  • Site evaluations to assess environmental conditions and possible contaminants

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  • Assessment of initial cost
  • Estimate of maintenance costs, as well as availability and reliability
  • Prediction of gas turbine performance degradation
  • Overall system performance/ efficiency analysis
  • Complete cost of ownership analysis over appropriate timeframe

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