Gas Networks & Compression Station Analyses

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Augusto Garcia-Hernandez
Group Leader
Pipeline Simulation
(210) 522-5693

Compressor Map

The effect of changing operating conditions is predicted using pipeline machinery simulations, and the results are shown on a compressor map.

Optimization Parameters versus Cases Graph

Pipeline simulations of various scenarios are used to optimize the system with regards to power usage, transport energy, and flow ratio.

Base Code Conditions Graph

A gas network analysis was used to predict the pressure and temperature of the natural gas pipeline as it travels through several compressor stations along a pipeline.

Compressor Map

Compressor operating point trajectory at various specific gravity points while operating with a fixed pressure ratio and speed.

Power Vatiation versus SG Variation Graph

Compressor power consumed variation, relative to the changing specific gravity, of a compressor operating with a fixed pressure ratio and speed.

Pipeline System Curve and Pressure Drop versus Gas Flow Rate Graph

Analysis of a gas pipeline was used to create system curves that assist with compressor selection and operation strategies.

Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) performs steady state and transient modeling of gas networks and compressor stations to determine if the system will safely meet the design requirements. These analyses have been utilized for:

  • Transient analyses
    • Centrifugal compressor surge control system design
    • Startup and shutdown
  • Transmission pipeline/facility hydraulic evaluation
  • Design and optimization of new installations
  • Modifications of existing facilities
  • Hydraulic operation issues
  • Delivery predictions under various operating conditions
  • System Reliability
    • Pressure limits
    • Temperature limits
    • Surge margin
    • System capacity
  • Root Cause Failure Analyses
    • Valve manifold transient pressure and flow predictions
    • Compressor failures related to fluid/structure vibrations
    • Pipeline ruptures
  • Field troubleshooting and benchmarking services can also be provided.

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