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Image: aircraft loads and spectra developmentAircraft Loads and Spectra Development

The Aircraft Loads and Spectra efforts in the Aerospace Structures Section involve the development of external loads and spectra data for aircraft usage tracking programs and a variety of test and analytical applications. External shear, moment, and torsion distributions for aircraft components are determined and translated into point loads through the use of whiffle tree load distribution systems. The staff develops flight data recorders and uses a variety of SwRI-developed programs to track the usage of both U.S. and foreign military aircraft fleets. Classroom instruction is given to industry and government personnel in conducting usage surveys, flight data analyses, loads development, and stress spectra development.

Various methods and procedures are used to verify and track applied loads during testing. Analytical efforts include software development to create load sequences for full-scale testing and stress sequences for both coupon tests and analytical crack growth studies. Software programs are written using state-of-the-art graphic user interfaces for ease of use and rapid turn-around. SwRI is the author of the AirStats® software program that develops spectra and operational usage profiles from flight measured data.

Luciano Smith, Principal Engineer, (210) 522-6857

Technical strengths include:

  • Development of loads and stress spectra for military and commercial aircraft applications

  • Design and installation of customized flight data recording hardware for monitoring aircraft usage parameters

  • Development of data processing techniques to support flight data recording programs

  • Windows®-based software development for spectra development and data processing tasks


   Aircraft Usage Assessment and Spectra Development



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