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Administrative Assistant: GS-07F-6087P

Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division

QUALIFICATIONS:   In general, the administrative assistant will have mastered all tasks required for lower-level administrative support functions. He or she must have demonstrated knowledge of internal processes of the Institute, especially those that relate to the department activities. He or she should have a thorough knowledge of correspondence protocol, modern office management practices and principles, computer software, Institute and division policies and procedures, and the ability to interpret them to individuals who inquire. He or she should have the ability to work independently in the absence of specific instructions on a number of tasks with a high degree of speed in the organizational skills. He or she should be able to reflect the supervisor's characteristic responses to management problems, maintain effective relations with clients and staff, exercise confidentiality and discretion, manage subordinate staff, and orchestrate the calendar of supervisors to meet management demands as required. He or she should satisfy typing, spelling, and error detection test requirements. Existing staff should have a high school education or equivalent with ten years experience in lower-level administrative support functions. Ten to twelve years of outside experience in related areas are required for new employees. Continuing education to maintain a high level of current knowledge and skill is necessary.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Administrative assistants are senior administrative support positions in most departments and usually report to the department director. Individuals at this level have widely varying tasks depending on the organization of the department or division. The tasks normally include providing advanced secretarial support to senior management, supervising junior clerical staff, and administering various division or department support activities. Responsibility may also include direct support for a group of engineers, secretaries, or analysts. They handle nonroutine and routine tasks with little or no supervision with a thorough knowledge of the department and division activities, Institute policies and procedures, and personnel.