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Driveline Fluids

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We provide standardized and bespoke tests of transmission fluids, gear lubricants, tractor, industrial hydraulic and more. We can also evaluate the components that use these fluids. Standardized protocols include industry standard procedures from SAE International, ASTM International and JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization). These procedures as well as DIN (German Institute for Standardization) and CEC (Coordinating European Council) are used along with many manufacturer testing specifications including those for Allison, Caterpillar, Denison, Eaton, Ford, General Motors, John Deere, Mack, New Holland, Vickers and others.

We provide axle efficiency testing to measure efficiency under a variety of operating temperatures, loads, and rotational speeds. We have special purpose stands to evaluate driveline and component mechanical efficiency. These test stands are capable of discerning small improvements due to fluids, lubricants or component materials and coatings.

We offer complete families of test procedures for each of the following fluid specifications:

Automatic Transmission Fluids

  • General Motors DEXRON®-VI, DEXRON®-HP, and DEXRON®-dDCT
  • Ford Motor Company MERCON® V, MERCON® LV, and MERCON® ULV
  • Allison Transmission TES-439 TM, TES-389 TM, and TES-295TM
  • Caterpillar® TO-4, AT-1, and TO-4M
  • JSAO M348:2012, T903:2016

Manual Transmission and Gear Lubricants

Test types:

  • Axle efficiency test
  • FZG gear wear test (ASTM D 4998)
  • FZG load stage test (ASTM D 5182 and CEC L-07-95)
  • FZG pitting test with Type C gear
  • FZG step load (A10/16.6R/90:120, CEC L-84-02)
  • FZG standard wear test
  • FZG FVA54 micropitting test
  • L-20 high-torque test
  • L-33-1 moisture corrosion test (ASTM D 7038)
  • L-37 high-torque test (ASTM D 6121)
  • L-42 high-speed shock axle test (ASTM D7452)
  • L-60-1 thermal and oxidative stability test (ASTM D 5704)
  • Manual transmission high-temperature cyclic durability test (ASTM D 5579)
  • SSP 180 synchronizer


  • Mack GO-J/J+ and Eaton PS-164
  • Dana SHAES-256
  • GM DEXRON® LS Gear Oil 75W-90 (GMW16445)
  • GM DEXRON® Gear Oil 75W-90 (GMW16433)

Tractor and Hydraulic Fluid Specification Testing

  • JDQ-84–Dynamic corrosion Sauer-Danfoss pump test
  • JDQ-94–Powershift transmission clutch friction test
  • JDQ-102A–Shear stability test (formerly JDQ-102)
  • JDQ-95–Spiral bevel/final drive wear test
  • JDQ-96B–Torque variation and brake friction retention test
  • JDQ-102B–John Deere hydraulic pump shear stability
  • JDQ-95A–Spiral bevel gear wear test
  • JDM-HECT–High energy clutch test
  • JDQ-TZT–Oxidation test
  • ASTM D7043- Vane pump wear test
  • Denison T6H20C hybrid pump–phase I
  • Denison T6H20C hybrid pump–phase II
  • Eaton 35VQ25A pump test