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NASGRO® Consortium Manager

Southwest Research Institute® serves as the NASGRO Consortium Manager.

In this capacity, SwRI plays a number of important roles, such as:

  • Managing the financial and legal functions of the Consortium

  • Promoting dialogue between users and the NASGRO development team

  • Leading the identification, prioritization, and development of new capabilities

  • Organizing annual Interagency Working Group (IWG) and Consortium meetings

  • Maintaining the NASGRO website (

  • Organizing and presenting NASGRO short courses

  • Promoting wider use of NASGRO and broader Consortium participation

  • Leveraging additional investments in NASGRO from other sources

SwRI provides several organizational strengths in this role:

  1. SwRI is an independent, nonprofit organization.

    SwRI is an impartial “third party” that does not compete with the participant companies and therefore can arbitrate fairly between different needs and perspectives. The Institute nonprofit status provides a noncommercial focus on technology development and technology transfer. The legal status of SwRI also provides unique flexibility in forming contractual relationships with government and industry.

  2. SwRI has an international reputation in structural integrity technology.

    The Institute has extensive experience in developing and packaging technology for a wide range of aerospace and non-aerospace customers. The SwRI staff includes several internationally recognized experts in fatigue and fracture mechanics research. SwRI has a long history of working with both industry and government.

  3. The Institute has broad experience and expertise in structural integrity software development and licensing.

    In addition to working closely with NASA/JSC since 2001 to develop new NASGRO releases, SwRI also develops and licenses other major computer codes for specialized reliability and integrity analysis, including NESSUS® and DARWIN®. Internal support is available from a large software engineering department.

  4. SwRI is conveniently located in San Antonio, Texas.

    San Antonio is only a short distance away from the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) and the other NASGRO development team members in Houston, Texas. SwRI has worked closely with NASA/JSC for many years.

SwRI is one of the original and largest independent, nonprofit, applied research and development organizations in the United States. It was founded in 1947 as a nonprofit corporation to provide contract research and development services to industrial and government clients. The Institute consists of 9 technical divisions that offer multidisciplinary, problem-solving services in a variety of areas in the physical sciences and engineering. More than 2 million square feet of office and laboratory space are maintained on more than 1,200 acres in San Antonio, Texas. The total regular staff currently numbers more than 2,600. The Institute's total revenue for fiscal year 2016 was $559 million, divided almost equally between the government and commercial sectors.

Further information about Southwest Research Institute is available at

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Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) is an independent, nonprofit, applied engineering and physical sciences research and development organization with 9 technical divisions using multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving. The Institute occupies 1,200 acres and provides nearly two million square feet of laboratories, test facilities, workshops, and offices for more than 2,600 employees who perform contract work for industry and government clients.