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Klaus Brun, Ph.D.
Program Director
Machinery Program
(210) 522-5449

Low Power Laser and Optical Target System

A low power laser and SwRI-built optical target system continuously monitors changes in alignment between turbine and generator to define and solve vibration problems caused by misalignment.

Vibration Control & Rotor Balancing

Using advanced techniques for field measurement, signal processing, diagnostic analysis, and other predictive tools, SwRI can identify and solve rotor, blade, and structural dynamics problems that put steam turbine generators out of commission. These techniques are used to solve field problems, while providing confidence at the design stage that turbine trains will exhibit low vibration levels.

  • Laboratory analysis of vibrational problems with rotating machinery and piping
  • Steam turbine-generator rotor balancing
  • Custom design of instrumentation and components for special applications
  • Component testing of valves, pumps, pressure vessels, and instruments
Portable Spectrum Analyzer

A portable spectrum analyzer is used in vibration surveys of turbine generator rotors. SwRI regularly performs these surveys to assist in rotor balancing.

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