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3DStress® Geology Software


3DStress® provides a user-friendly and interactive tool to investigate geologic stress states and effects on developing and reactivating faults and fractures. Components include Mohr circle plots with Hoek-Brown failure criteria, stress-ratio plots, stereonet and three-dimensional (3D) visualization tools to enable the user to illustrate hypothetical situations or complex real-world fault and fracture systems, and a patented stress inversion algorithm that does not require slip direction information.

3DStress is used in the oil and gas, and geothermal industries, and by regulators of drilling and high-level radioactive waste disposal.

The software's straightforward interactive and intuitive approach to stress analysis makes it especially useful in the classroom.

3DStress version 5.0 provides new tools that combine slip tendency with well hydraulics to evaluate fault reactivation, induced seismicity, and hydraulic fracturing.

  • Intuitive understanding of the stress tensor
  • Seismic hazard assessment
  • Fault seal analysis
  • Induced seismicity evaluation
  • Stress inversion
  • Geothermal reservoir characterization
  • Hydraulic fracturing/well completion design and analysis
  • Fracture network and reservoir permeability anisotropy
  • Importance of the intermediate principal stress