Automated Driving Consulting Service

illustration of a ADCS emblem


Over the past several years, public awareness of automated driving has grown tremendously. Large marketing budgets and brand posturing has put this technology on the fast track to becoming a reality and has placed additional demands on automotive engineers worldwide.


To assist in the development of these components and systems, SwRI is pleased to offer our Automated Driving Consulting Service (ADCS) program. With a history of more than six decades of experience in automotive research and development and a decade of experience in automated driving enabling-technology development, SwRI is uniquely qualified to offer expertise in the areas of perception, localization, and control for active safety and automated driving applications.

Client Benefits & Deliverables

  • Two one-day technical seminars. SwRI offers a full day of technical presentations and discussion during each seminar. SwRI will send two technical experts to conduct each seminar at customer facilities. A typical seminar consists of two to three 120-180 minute technical presentations covering technologies of importance to our clients. Data in the presentations is derived from the literature, but often includes SwRI internal data that has generally resulted from an internal research project.
  • Quarterly reports on SwRI-sponsored research and emerging industry related technical and business topics, along with emerging legislation relative to automated driving in the U.S.
  • Dedicated Engineering Consulting: Part of the annual fee is placed into a client-specific consulting budget, which allows member companies to ask specific engineering and marketing questions. Responses are typically provided in PowerPoint presentations by technical experts. This allows member companies to access SwRI’s broad technical base quickly to solve urgent problems.

Automated Driving Technical Topics

SwRI staff consists of technical experts in the fields of perception, localization, and control who are working on a wide variety of projects in the active safety and automated driving domains. SwRI will circulate technical topics to member companies for them to downselect the specific topics to be presented during the two one-day visits per year. The general tracts for these presentations include:

  • Perception
  • Localization
  • Control

Ryan D. Lamm, Director, (210) 522-5350,