Flexible Teams
Systems & Software Engineering

A unique corporate philosophy enables the Intelligent Systems Department of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) to function as an extension of another company's information systems engineering department. SwRI can effectively augment your capabilities to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Comply with policies and regulations
  • Automate manual processes
  • Evaluate commercial software
  • And much more

Being independent and nonprofit, we can work closely with your information systems engineering department, independent of competing priorities and product bias. SwRI can also safeguard your trade secrets and intellectual property much the same way you would in your own organization, with secure areas and information systems able to meet classified computing needs.

Sometimes It Really Is Rocket Science

One of SwRI's strengths is that we have 9 technical divisions representing nearly every scientific and engineering discipline from chemistry to space sciences. When necessary, SwRI can assemble a team of scientists and engineers across divisions and disciplines. So, if your information systems project requires expertise from a chemist, geologist, or even a rocket scientist, SwRI has staff that can accommodate that need. Once we understand your needs, we put together a team in a matrix management fashion drawing on the talents from any division having capabilities necessary to accomplish your goals. Project management practices and electronic resource utilization tracking facilitates using this approach.

Team Players

SwRI is able to assemble multidisciplinary teams and enter into teaming agreements with other organizations. While SwRI is considered an independent research and testing facility, we routinely enter into prime or subcontractor agreements for individual projects, if required to satisfy customer needs.

Industry Solutions

Sometimes technical problems or issues extend beyond the needs of a single client. In such cases, many organizations have a common goal. SwRI has the ability to participate in, or even organize, a consortium to advance technology for the benefit of an entire industry worldwide.

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Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®), headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is a multidisciplinary, independent, nonprofit, applied engineering and physical sciences research and development organization with 9 technical divisions.