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Space Science & Engineering

Developing and managing advanced scientific payloads aboard satellites and sounding rockets

For more than three decades, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has been a recognized leader in space science research as well as in the development of spacecraft instrumentation, avionics and electronics for both government and industry. The Space Science and Engineering Division’s scientific staff is active in a variety of research areas: heliospheric and solar physics; terrestrial and planetary magnetospheres; planetary geology and atmospheres; comets, asteroids, and other small solar system bodies; planetary system origins and formation; and high-energy astrophysics. SwRI was the principal investigator institution for the highly successful IMAGE mission and now leads the New Horizons, Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), and Juno missions as well as the MMS science investigation. SwRI-developed in-situ and remote-sensing instruments have flown, are flying, or are under development for flight on a number of NASA and European Space Agency missions, while SwRI-developed avionics systems have flown without a single on-orbit failure on more than 50 government and commercial missions.

James L. Burch, Ph.D., Vice President
David J. McComas, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President
S. Alan Stern, Ph.D., Associate Vice President
Robin Canup, Ph.D., Associate Vice President
Scott Bolton, Ph.D., Associate Vice President

G. Randall Gladstone, Ph.D., Institute Scientist
Hal F. Levison, Ph.D., Institute Scientist
Stefano Livi, Ph.D., Institute Scientist
John Spencer, Ph.D., Institute Scientist
William Perry, Institute Scientist
Keith Pickens, Ph.D., Institute Scientist
Roger Phillips, Ph.D., Institute Scientist
William Ward, Ph.D., Institute Scientist
John M. Stone, Institute Engineer
Ronald K. Black, Program Director
John Eterno, Ph.D., Program Director
Stephen Fuselier, Ph.D., Program Director
Robert E. Grimm, Ph.D., Program Director
Donald Hassler, Ph.D., Program Director
John Scherrer, Program Director
J. Hunter Waite, Ph.D., Program Director

  • Space Science
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    • Instrument Systems
    • Data Analysis and Science Support Software
    • Space Support Systems and Software
    • Power Systems
  • Space Systems
    • Electromechanical Systems
    • Avionics Systems
    • Lighter-than-Air Systems
    • Mission Design and Support
    • Planning and Scheduling
    • Product Assurance
  • Planetary Science Directorate (Boulder, Colorado)
    • Space Studies
      • Planetary Physics
      • Planetary Atmospheres and Surfaces
      • Astronomy and Computer Systems
    • Space Operations
      • Space Operations and Technology

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