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Tactical Products

Tactical Products


The development and delivery of tactical COMINT products and engineering services has been advanced by SwRI for more than 35 years. Focus has been on detection, acquisition and geolocation of RF signals of interest.

The Tactical Products Department of the Defense and Intelligence Solutions Division is focused on fielding off-the-shelf products to meet the specialized, challenging demands of our clients in the intelligence community. Tailoring of standard products is available for unique applications.

We provide COMINT products for a variety of tactical needs including:

  • Naval (surface and submarine)
  • Airborne (manned, unmanned)
  • Vehicle
  • Man-transportable
  • Unattended ground sensors
  • Specialized payloads 

Technical Strengths

  • Land and Airborne Systems
  • Maritime Systems
  • Program Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Radiolocation Testing Range
  • Products
  • PRObay
  • Product Management
  • Requirements analysis
  • Design
  • Proof-of-Concept prototypes to full-rate production
  • Product field support
  • Installation and calibration support
  • Life Cycle Support