Technology Today Spring 2002 cover image

Developed for the U.S. Navy, the AS-141 antenna (shown without its radome cover) has features that make it less detectable by enemy radar.

Technology Today® Spring 2002

Icon of ship at sunset

Slipping Stealthily Across the Seas

A new antenna design helps U.S. warships escape enemy detection.

Icon of software-enhanced image

Pixon Reconstruction

An imaging software "pipeline" enhances pictures of faint objects in deep space.

Icon of man in harness slipping

Slick Deterrent

A new material developed for the U.S. Marine Corps may help isolate facilities and thwart confrontational crowds.

Icon of X-38 vehicle

Nine Tons of Hardware-in-the-Loop

Simulation and autopilot designs help NASA develop low-cost space vehicles.

Icon of tractor

Propane Power

A new propane engine demonstrates the tough off-road vehicle emissions standards set for 2008 can be met.


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