Technology Today Spring 2007 cover image

SwRI scientists use satellite remote sensing to image ground ruptures and surface displacements such as those caused by an earthquake in southern California shown here.

Technology Today® Spring 2007

Icon of clearly visible ground surface disruption

Earthquake Ground Movements

SwRI scientists use satellite remote sensing to map ground ruptures and surface displacements.

Icon of artisit's conception of solar wind interactions near Jupiter

Encountering Jupiter

Nearly eight years from its Pluto target, the New Horizons SWAP instrument observes solar wind interactions near Jupiter.

Icon of historical photo of automotive science facility

SwRI Celebrates 60 Years

The Institute responds to the changing needs of clients and the nation.

Illustration of vehicles alerting approaching vehicles

Closing the Safety Loop

Technology links smart vehicles with intelligent highways.

Illustration of sensor, communication and navigation capabilities needed for autonomous operations

Roadmap to the Driverless Vehicle

An SwRI initiative uses Intelligent Traffic Systems technologies to improve the state of the art in autonomous vehicles.


Technical Staff Activities

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