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SwRI scientists and engineers are leading the development of the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) spacecraft, which will image the Earth's magnetosphere for the first time using ultraviolet imaging, radio plasma imaging, and neutral atom imaging. This image simulates high-energy neutral atom data.

Technology Today® Fall 1999

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To See the Invisible

The IMAGE spacecraft is slated to carry the most sophisticated imaging instruments ever used to observe Earth's magnetospheric interactions with the sun.

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Pioneering Fuels

A prominent fuels chemist talks about the energy crisis and the fuel that will drive America into the next millennium.

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Fatigue Machine Honored

An award-winning instrument measures metal fatigue--a potentially catastrophic phenomenon that can affect high-performance aircraft.

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Flow Meter Calibration

Lower costs for consumers and increased profits for natural gas distributors result from the effective calibration of fluid flow meters.


Technical Staff Activities

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