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Tailpipes. More and more of them are 'on the road,' so to speak. The number of cars being driven in the U.S . and abroad, particularly in countries where the prospect of personal mobility is just beginning to be a reality, is raising new concerns about the effects of exhaust emissions on air quality. During the last 30 years, dramatic advances have been made in reducing or removing harmful pollutants in vehicular exhaust, but increasingly crowded roadways point to the need for further improvements. Crucial to this effort are the development of emissions control strategies, the measurement and characterization of emissions components, and the qualification of cleaner burning fuels and more durable lubricants, all major program areas at the Institute. A conversation with one of the pioneers of these programs begins on page 2.

Technology Today® Summer 1996

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Let's Clear the Air

Karl J. Springer, Vice President of the Automotive Products and Emissions Research Division, shares insights on the evolution of emissions research at the Institute and the future of automotive research in general.

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Fuel Cells Come Down to Earth

Institute engineers develop new designs for an energy source first used in space.

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Predicting a Fault's Next Move

An advanced tool aids in natural resource exploration as well as groundwater flow studies and seismic and volcanic hazard analyses.


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