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The skeletal, phantom-like image of a warship is part of a numerical modeling program which calculates a ship's electromagnetic response to communications antennas that will be installed on it. The model displays a ship as a network of tubes with electromagnetic characteristics modeled as electric current flowing through a wire. Using the computer model, various trial locations for the antennas can be compared prior to actual installation, reducing time and expense.

Technology Today® Summer 1998

Skeletal image of a warship

Aerial Act

Realistic computer models are taking up where scale models and older, full-scale mockups leave off in the search for the best site for a shipboard antenna array.

Comet Hale-Bopp as seen through new, compact telescope on a recent shuttle mission

Out the Window

A new, compact telescope makes an observatory of a space shuttle, or even a high-flying aircraft. The device was used on a recent shuttle mission to observe Comet Hale-Bopp as it retreated toward the sun.

Icon of new, handheld weather station

Feeling the Heat

A new, handheld weather station allows accurate measurement of workplace conditions that can lead to heat stress.

Icon of environmental safety activity

Ensuring Environmental Safety

Dr. Michael MacNaughton, vice president of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division, discusses SwRI's role in environmental safety during destruction of chemical weapons.


Technical Staff Activities

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