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Remote access capabilities will allow NEBS clients to monitor equipment during tests at SwRI

San Antonio, Texas -- October 8, 2002 -- Web video capabilities will be available in December at the new Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) Network Equipment/Building Systems (NEBS) and environmental testing facility. The 9,700-square foot dedicated facility, which opened in June, has been wired for fast networking and will provide streaming and downloadable video for clients over a secure website.

In addition to viewing tests on a secure Internet site, clients will also be able to monitor their powered equipment remotely.

"Our new network connections will allow clients to monitor their own equipment from anywhere in the world," said Timothy A. Fey, NEBS program manager and manager of the Mechanical Sciences Section in SwRI's Mechanical and Materials Engineering Division. "This capability will allow clients to diagnose a problem with their equipment from their own location. We will also be providing close proximity network connections to each testing area for clients who are visiting and want to observe the test and also be connected to the Internet."

The new facility has viewing rooms for observing tests. All testing is videotaped, and the new video streaming services will archive videos for later viewing.

"The new video streaming capabilities will provide tremendous travel cost savings to our clients," Fey said. "By creating a 'virtual lab,' we can enable clients to interact with the testing even from a remote location. Also, multiple parties can view the site when requested. In the past, clients had to physically send a representative to view a test. Now, at the touch of a few keystrokes, an entire team can witness a test in progress if necessary."

NEBS testing, a telecommunications industry requirement, evaluates equipment performance under various physical and electrical operating conditions. SwRI has more than 15 years of NEBS-type testing experience and more than 25 years of environmental testing expertise. The Institute performs the full range of NEBS compliance tests at the Institute's headquarters in San Antonio.

The SwRI Mechanical Sciences Section is compliant with an internationally recognized quality standard, the ISO 9000:2000 system, and is working toward certification. SwRI is one of five U.S. facilities certified as a Verizon Independent Testing Laboratory.

The Institute now offers a mark for all products tested under the SwRI NEBS program. For more information, visit the SwRI NEBS web site at

For more information, contact Tracey M.S. Whelan, Communications, (210) 522-2256, Fax (210) 522-3547, PO Drawer 28510, San Antonio, Texas 78228-0510.

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