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SwRI, UTSA invest in two new joint research projects
Biofuels, vaccine projects receive $125,000 awards
[Tuesday, June 23, 2015]

Alice instrument’s ultraviolet close-up provides a surprising discovery about comet’s atmosphere
SwRI-developed ultraviolet spectrograph is aboard Rosetta, the first spacecraft to study a comet up close
[Tuesday, June 02, 2015]

SwRI’s Stern named Honorary Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society; selected to receive Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award
New Horizons Principal Investigator honored for his efforts to explore the Pluto system
[Tuesday, June 02, 2015]

Two Southwest Research Institute instruments selected for NASA Europa mission
SwRI-led mass spectrometer and ultraviolet spectrograph will investigate Jupiter’s fourth-largest moon
[Wednesday, May 27, 2015]

Particle sensor consortium’s new phase aims at California’s emissions deadlines
Particle Sensor Performance and Durability II (PSPD-II) consortium plans future research
[Thursday, May 14, 2015]

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