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Chemical & Material Matters

Spectromatic data with spikes of multiple colors
Isolated testing cells on a platform with red and blue tubes leading to each cell

SwRI’s new corrosion facility evaluates materials in isolated cells, giving engineers the ability to change samples without disturbing others still under test.

About the Header

SwRI staff are collaborating on a multidisciplinary project to advance our understanding of chemicals in the food, air, drugs and products we are exposed to every day, as shown in this spectrometric data.

Chemicals and materials affect our everyday lives, from the products we use to the foods we eat to the homes we occupy. Southwest Research Institute uses sensitive laboratory equipment and powerful microscopy to examine the properties of materials.

SwRI offers extensive expertise in corrosion evaluation and mitigation for a range of applications. Scientists recently patented a technique to accurately quantify and characterize pitting corrosion using a laser profilometer to measure pit depths and surface area.

We are collaborating with the University of Texas at San Antonio to study the deleterious effects of gaseous hydrogen on critical components for the aerospace and oil and gas sectors. We are studying the mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement in additively manufactured materials with the ultimate goal of designing AM parts that are less susceptible or even immune to hydrogen embrittlement.

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