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Intellectual Property

We recognize the importance of intellectual property whether through a patent, licensing of software, copyright, invention disclosures, trademarks, or trade secrets.


Since 1947 we have earned more than 1,400 U.S. patents. As part of a long-held tradition, patent rights arising from sponsored research at the Institute can be assigned to the client. SwRI generally retains the rights to Institute-funded advancements. We also help clients pursue patents for their sponsored research. If you are interested in licensing SwRI IP, contact our General Counsel’s Office at +1 210 522 5560.


Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
11,721,437 08/08/2023 Digital Twin for Predicting Performance Outcomes

Daniel P. Nicolella; Kase J. Saylor; Mark J. Libardoni

11,692,798 07/04/2023 Electrical Igniter Assembly for Incendiary and Explosive Devices

Matthew S. Blais; Kyle C. Fernandez; Bernardo Garcia

11,681,297 06/20/2023 Autonomous Vehicle and Self-Location Estimating Method In Autonomous Vehicle

Yuki Ueda; Takashi Uno; Daniel D'Souza; Joseph Auchter

11,667,042 06/06/2023 Retainer Apparatus for Movement of Articles

Maximilian Dinsdale Anderton; Cody Michael Porter; Branson Patrick Brockschmidt; Cody Eli Bressler; Thomas E. Lyons, Jr

11,639,682 05/30/2023 Method of Providing Passive Pre-Chamber Ignition with Varying Nozzle Sizes for Internal Combustion Engine

Kevin Hoag; Matthew Hoffmeyer; Bansal Shah; Zainal Abidin

11,655,980 05/23/2023 Piloted Rotating Detonation Engine

Jacob Delimont

11,655,777 05/23/2023 Parallel Intake Valve Tumble Flow Engine

Christopher L. Wray; Zainal Abidin; Kevin L. Hoag; Anthony S. Perkins; Ian P. Gilbert; Marc C. Megel

11,654,913 05/23/2023 Vehicle Control Based on Infrastructure and Other Vehicles

Jayant V. Sarlashkar; Sankar B. Rengarajan; Scott R. Hotz; Stanislav A. Gankov

11,646,597 05/09/2023 Fast Charging for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Pulse Width Modulated Charging and Cooling

Bapiraju Surampudi

11,641,804 05/09/2023 Bale Detection and Classification Using Stereo Cameras

Jake Fevold; Edmond Dupont; Kristopher Kozak; Darin Dux; Curt Graham; Kent Thompson