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Recruiting Events

Recruiting EventsConnecting with students pursuing innovation that benefits the world

SwRI recruits at colleges and universities across the country to offer current students summer and year-round internships, as well as full-time employment for graduating students. We also visit two-year technical colleges to recruit students pursuing associate degrees.

Whatever your area of technical focus, our projects and company mission will align with your career goals. Collaborate with top scientists, engineers and professionals in your field to explore complex, innovative projects. A career with us will expand your technical acumen through continuous learning and diverse project work.

We look forward to visiting your campus!

Upcoming Recruiting Events

Event Location Date Event
Fort Cavazos 06/11/2024 TAPS Mega Career Fair

Past Recruiting Events

Event Location Date Event
Fort Cavasos 01/09/2024 Fort Cavasos Mega Career Fair
ECPI Campus 01/11/2024 ECPI Career Fair
University of Michigan Campus 01/23/2024 University of Michigan Engineering Career Fair
Engineering Building Atrium 01/23/2024 FAMU/FSU Engineering Career Fair
Legends Event Center 01/24/2024 Texas AM Engineering Career Fair
FSU Student Success Center 01/24/2024 FAMU/FSU On-Campus Interviews
Rose Hulman Campus 01/24/2024 Rose Hulman Winter Career Fair
TAMU Career Center 01/25/2024 Texas AM On Campus Interviews
Rose Hulman Campus 01/25/2024 Rose Hulman On-Campus Interviews
Blue Bonnet Room 01/26/2024 Youth Expo Career Fair
Ohio State Campus 01/30/2024 SWE Ohio State Career Fair
Ohio State Campus 01/31/2024 Ohio State On-Campus Interviews
Colorado School of Mines Campus 01/31/2024 Colorado School of Mines Day 2 High Tech Career Fair
Colorado School of Mines Campus 02/01/2024 Colorado School of Mines On-Campus Interview
Frank Erwin Center 02/01/2024 UT Austin Engineering Career Fair
ECAC Career Center 02/02/2024 UT Austin Engineering Interviews
Auburn Campus 02/05/2024 Auburn Engineering Career Fair
Auburn Campus 02/06/2024 Auburn On-Campus Interviews
NC State Campus 02/06/2024 NC State Engineering Career Fair
NC State Career Center 02/07/2024 NC State On-Campus Interviews
Texas Tech Campus 02/07/2024 Texas Tech Engineering Career Fair
Georgia Tech Campus 02/08/2024 Georgia Tech Computing Career Fair
Texas Tech Campus 02/08/2024 Texas Tech On-Campus Interviews
Bill Moore Center 02/09/2024 Georgia Tech COC On-Campus Interviews
University of Alabama Campus 02/13/2024 University of Alabama Technical and Engineering Career Fair
University of Alabama Campus 02/14/2024 University of Alabama On-Campus Interviews
University of Oklahoma Campus 02/14/2024 University of Oklahoma Career Fair
ASU Campus 02/14/2024 Arizona State Undergraduate Engineering Career Fair
Arizona State Campus 02/15/2024 Arizona State On-Campus Interviews
University of Oklahoma Campus 02/15/2024 University of Oklahoma On-Campus Interviews
Virginia Tech Campus 02/19/2024 CAMEO Virginia Tech Career Fair
HEB Ballroom 02/19/2024 UTSA STEM Career Fair
Missouri ST Campus 02/20/2024 Missouri ST Spring Career Fair
Virginia Tech Campus 02/20/2024 Virginia Tech On-Campus Interviews
Georgia Tech Campus 02/21/2024 Georgia Tech ECE Career Fair
Missouri ST Campus 02/21/2024 Missouri ST On-Campus Interviews
Laurie Auditorium 02/21/2024 Trinity All Majors Career Fair
UT Dallas Campus 02/22/2024 UT Dallas Engineering and CS Career Fair
Bill Moore Student Success Center 02/23/2024 Georgia Tech ECE On-Campus Interviews
Ut Dallas Campus 02/23/2024 UT Dallas On-Campus Interviews
Rodeo Location 02/24/2024 San Antonio Rodeo Stock Show
Kingsville Campus 02/27/2024 TAMU Kingsville Career Fair
TAMUK Campus 02/28/2024 Texas AM Kingsville On-Campus Interviews
Brownsville Campus 02/29/2024 UT Rio Grand Valley - Brownsville Campus
UT Austin Campus 02/29/2024 UT Austin Aerospace Open-House
Campus Location 03/14/2024 Grambling State University
Waco campus 03/19/2024 TSTC Waco
TBD 04/03/2024 NEISD Student and Internship Career Fair
Harlingen Campus 04/04/2024 TSTC Harlingen Career Fair
NWV Campus 04/25/2024 Northwest Vista
JBSA 04/25/2024 RecruitMilitary


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