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Defense Aerospace & Aircraft

Aerospace & Aircraft


SwRI is a leading provider of aerospace and aircraft technology and integration solutions for the military and defense sectors. From electronics and systems engineering to structural design and testing, we have a team of experts who can develop an individual solution or work to modernize legacy systems by integrating multiple new technologies through our winning C4ISR approach. We operate many laboratories and facilities dedicated to military aircraft and aerospace technologies at our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, and we have offices at strategic locations across the country to support our defense clients.

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Providing turn-key research and development services, state-of-the-art structural analysis capabilities, and full-scale vehicle to small-scale component testing for all segments of the aerospace community

Aircraft Engines, Maintenance & Testing

Offering aerospace engineering expertise to improve maintenance and performance of air defense fleets


Designing and fabricating hardware for aircraft and ground support equipment, microcircuits, and subsystems

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Evaluating gun mounts and palletized gun systems and developing targeting algorithms for gunships