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Press Releases

09/26/2022 SwRI wins R&D 100 Award for Integrally Geared Supercritical CO2 Compander

Energy technology recognized as one of the most significant innovations of 2022

09/20/2022 SwRI’s Dr. William Bottke named AGU Fellow

Planetary scientist is among small percentage of AGU members to be honored

09/19/2022 SwRI scientist helps identify new evidence for habitability in Enceladus’s ocean

Saturn moon’s subsurface ocean is likely rich in phosphorus, a key component for life

09/19/2022 SwRI celebrates 75 years of service to humankind

Institute recognized as a worldwide leader in advanced research, development

09/06/2022 SwRI, Tec de Monterrey collaborate to advance sustainable manufacturing

Institutes sign MOU launching environmentally conscious research alliance

08/30/2022 SwRI demonstrates small-scale pumped heat energy storage system

New system can store renewable energy, maintain grid reliability

08/29/2022 SwRI develops fully synthetic route to scopolamine, anti-nausea drug

Synthetic development method will reduce price, environmental impact of compound used to treat motion sickness and post-operative nausea

08/29/2022 SwRI to feature groundwater-modeling technology at Texas Groundwater Summit

Scientists will present innovative solutions for managing groundwater resources

08/24/2022 SwRI seeks international participants for oil sampling program

SwRI seeks international participants for quality assurance research effort

08/23/2022 NASA schedules SwRI-led PUNCH mission to launch in 2025

PUNCH will share ride to space with NASA’s SPHEREx mission aboard a Falcon 9 rocket

08/15/2022 SwRI, UT-Austin support five collaborative energy research projects

The Energize Program will fund scientific collaborations addressing energy-related challenges

08/09/2022 Southwest Research Institute develops, deploys automated shuttle for campus tours, research

Vehicle equipped with SwRI-developed technology to ferry visitors around its San Antonio headquarters

08/01/2022 SwRI, UTSA collaborate to make more efficient storage materials for hydrogen fuels

Project will explore safer, more cost-effective storage methods

07/25/2022 SwRI’s Dr. Stephen Fuselier named co-chair of Solar and Space Physics Decadal Survey

Decadal Survey will present a strategy to advance the scientific understanding of heliophysics

07/12/2022 SwRI tests durability of fuel tank valves for hydrogen-powered vehicles

Engineers developed new test stand that can be used to evaluate valves under high pressure with hydrogen