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Press Releases

06/11/2024 SwRI’s Dr. Kelly Miller receives NASA Early Career Award

The honor comes with a $200,000 grant to fund community outreach and professional development

06/10/2024 SwRI develops screening tool for traumatic brain injuries

Field-ready smell test can be administered anywhere without specialized training

06/03/2024 SwRI-led team to bolster earthquake readiness for U.S. Federal Highway Administration

Institute awarded 5-year contract for improved modeling to safeguard infrastructure, public safety

05/30/2024 Flyby of asteroid Dinkinesh reveals a surprisingly complex history

SwRI-led Lucy mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids finds interesting attractions along the way

05/28/2024 STEP Demo supercritical CO2 pilot plant generates electricity for the first time

sCO2 facility on SwRI campus demonstrates more efficient power generation method

05/28/2024 SwRI data fusion tool targets urban heat islands in San Antonio

Internally funded project uses more than 230 datasets to provide comprehensive view of socio-economic impacts of hot spots

05/22/2024 SwRI highlights NEXTCAR II project innovations at 2024 ARPA-E Innovation Summit

SwRI building connected propulsion system vehicle capable of 30% energy savings

05/21/2024 SwRI’s H2-ICE consortium demonstrates ultra-low emissions from hydrogen-fueled heavy-duty engine

SwRI’s completed H2-ICE -powered demonstration vehicle begins industry tour at the 2024 ACT Expo

05/21/2024 SwRI leads courses at 2024 Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers Annual Meeting

Tribology experts gather in Minneapolis to share knowledge in study of friction, wear, lubrication

05/14/2024 SwRI investigating unusual substorm in Earth’s magnetotail using MMS data

Research examines the nature of explosive events in the magnetosphere

05/13/2024 SwRI studies boiling processes in partial gravity aboard parabolic flights

Researchers examine how liquids boil in partial gravity in preparation for extended space missions

05/07/2024 SwRI evaluates reliability of pressure relief valves for liquid natural gas tanks in train derailment scenarios

SwRI researchers contributed to Federal Rail Administration report that shows valves effectively prevent overpressurization and explosion

05/06/2024 SwRI Workbench for Offline Robotics Development™ (SWORD™) launched at Automate 2024

Southwest Research Institute develops user-friendly ROS programming graphical toolkit for developers

05/06/2024 SwRI’s Herron named 2024 ASSP Safety Professional of the Year

Safety engineer recognized for achievement in occupational safety and health

05/02/2024 San Antonio-based SwRI to construct first facility outside of Texas

$18.5 million building will expand defense and intelligence capabilities