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Press Releases

07/17/2024 SwRI-UTD collaborate on geoscience research to find domestic lithium resources

SPRINT grant will fund research to promote lithium independence

07/16/2024 SwRI, UTD jointly fund project to evaluate space sensor in unique facility

SPRINT program launches, also funds domestic lithium independence research

07/16/2024 SwRI evaluates cybersecurity risks associated with EV fast-charging equipment

SwRI finds vulnerabilities in between EVs and fast-charging infrastructure

07/02/2024 IEEE recognizes SwRI with national award for outstanding support

Shared goals link SwRI with world’s largest technical professional organization

06/17/2024 SwRI breaks ground on a new hypersonic engine research facility

Institute will demonstrate faster methods of producing high-speed propulsion systems

06/11/2024 SwRI’s Dr. Kelly Miller receives NASA Early Career Award

The honor comes with a $200,000 grant to fund community outreach and professional development

06/10/2024 SwRI develops screening tool for traumatic brain injuries

Field-ready smell test can be administered anywhere without specialized training

06/03/2024 SwRI-led team to bolster earthquake readiness for U.S. Federal Highway Administration

Institute awarded 5-year contract for improved modeling to safeguard infrastructure, public safety

05/30/2024 Flyby of asteroid Dinkinesh reveals a surprisingly complex history

SwRI-led Lucy mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids finds interesting attractions along the way

05/28/2024 STEP Demo supercritical CO2 pilot plant generates electricity for the first time

sCO2 facility on SwRI campus demonstrates more efficient power generation method

05/28/2024 SwRI data fusion tool targets urban heat islands in San Antonio

Internally funded project uses more than 230 datasets to provide comprehensive view of socio-economic impacts of hot spots

05/22/2024 SwRI highlights NEXTCAR II project innovations at 2024 ARPA-E Innovation Summit

SwRI building connected propulsion system vehicle capable of 30% energy savings

05/21/2024 SwRI’s H2-ICE consortium demonstrates ultra-low emissions from hydrogen-fueled heavy-duty engine

SwRI’s completed H2-ICE -powered demonstration vehicle begins industry tour at the 2024 ACT Expo

05/21/2024 SwRI leads courses at 2024 Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers Annual Meeting

Tribology experts gather in Minneapolis to share knowledge in study of friction, wear, lubrication

05/14/2024 SwRI investigating unusual substorm in Earth’s magnetotail using MMS data

Research examines the nature of explosive events in the magnetosphere