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Press Releases

03/07/2023 STEP Demo pilot plant achieves supercritical CO2 fluid conditions

sCO2 demonstration facility on SwRI campus advances toward system-level testing

03/06/2023 Southwest Research Institute develops device to test friction, wear associated with EV fluids

Internally funded project modifies commercially available tester for electric vehicle applications

02/28/2023 SwRI researching ARM, RISC-V processors for faster spaceflight computers

Instruction set architecture processors clock in with faster computing, lower power consumption

02/22/2023 SwRI, ITS Texas announce Future Leaders Program at ITS America Conference & Expo

Program offers students complimentary registration for ITS America expo April 24-27

02/20/2023 SwRI celebrates 75th Annual Meeting

17 community leaders introduced as new Advisory Trustees

02/14/2023 NASA’s IMAP spacecraft completes mission critical design review, moves closer to 2025 launch

SwRI leads payload management of mission to study the boundary of the solar system

02/07/2023 SwRI models explain canyons on Pluto moon

Internal ocean freeze modeling does not support cryovolcanism on Charon

01/31/2023 SwRI investigations reveal more evidence that Mimas is a stealth ocean world

Simulations suggest that Saturn’s smallest, innermost moon could have an expanding, geologically young ocean

01/25/2023 SwRI-led Lucy team announces new asteroid target

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft adds Nov. 1 flyby of tiny main belt asteroid, a 10th target in its mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

01/23/2023 SwRI-contributed study provides darkest view ever of interstellar ices

Researchers utilized the James Webb Space Telescope to look at primordial interstellar ices

01/23/2023 SwRI launches joint industry program to refine the modeling of sour well environments

JIP seeks to help reduce materials costs, reevaluate conditions

01/11/2023 SwRI examines the origins of the building blocks of life

Researchers recreated interstellar cloud and asteroid conditions to better understand how carbonaceous chondrites acquired amino acids

01/10/2023 SwRI scientists find evidence for magnetic reconnection between Ganymede and Jupiter

Juno spacecraft discovered magnetospheric fireworks as magnetic field lines merge and snap between the gas giant and its largest moon

01/09/2023 SwRI evaluates risks of transporting liquids with dissolved gases

Two-year, $650,000 U.S. Department of Transportation contract will characterize risks of transporting hazardous liquids containing dissolved gases

01/05/2023 SwRI delivers innovative instrument for NASA’s Europa Clipper mission

MASPEX will analyze gases around Jupiter moon to understand its potential habitability