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Press Releases

04/16/2024 SwRI to discuss automotive decarbonization, automation at SAE International’s WCX™ 2024

Engineers, mobility industry head to Detroit April 16-18 to discuss, explore mobility, technical challenges

04/09/2024 SwRI demonstrating robotics for in-space manufacturing at Space Symposium

Institute builds new Space Robotics Center for in-space servicing, assembly, manufacturing R&D

04/02/2024 SwRI awarded $6.4 million to advance cognitive electronic warfare

SwRI engineers developing EW algorithm to ‘think like a human’

04/01/2024 SwRI to build the spacecraft bus for in-space refueler servicer program

Institute will have key role in $25.5 million Space Mobility and Logistics prototyping project

03/27/2024 SwRI leads airborne, ground-based 2024 eclipse observation projects

Eclipse events offer unique opportunities to study the solar corona

03/26/2024 SwRI’s Dr. Rohini Giles receives NASA Early Career Achievement Medal

Planetary scientist recognized for achievements analyzing Jupiter’s atmosphere

03/25/2024 SwRI develops more effective particle conversion surfaces for space instruments

Interdisciplinary project creating smoother surfaces to improve low-energy particle detection

03/13/2024 SwRI receives $2 million NASA grant to develop lunar-regolith-measuring instrument

SPARCI instrument to make the first measurements of the Moon’s megaregolith

03/12/2024 SwRI develops off-road autonomous driving tools focused on camera vision

Researchers develop powerful vision-based autonomy alternative to lidar, radar, GPS

03/11/2024 SwRI uses ENABLE tool to assess injury risk in soldiers

Markerless motion capture technology predicts injury risk in military trainees

03/05/2024 Juno spacecraft measures oxygen production on Jupiter’s moon, Europa

Study co-authored by SwRI scientists puts narrow constraints on how much oxygen is produced within Europa’s ice shell.

03/04/2024 SwRI develops low-emission natural-gas-fueled hybrid truck

SwRI-designed medium-duty truck demonstrated a 25% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with hybrid natural gas powertrain.

02/28/2024 SwRI sponsors Future Leaders Program at 2024 ITS America Conference & Expo

Providing students access to leading intelligent transportation systems (ITS) event

02/27/2024 SwRI scientists lead two Europa investigation teams

Projects will investigate properties of the Jovian moon to inform NASA’s upcoming Europa Clipper mission

02/20/2024 SwRI to host second Automotive Corrosion Symposium

Event brings together corrosion experts and automotive industry professionals