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Press Releases

11/29/2022 Southwest Research Institute launches joint industry program to develop hydrogen combustion vehicle

SwRI project aims to demonstrate a zero-emission heavy-duty hydrogen internal combustion engine

11/17/2022 2023 Next-generation Suborbital Researchers Conference opens registration, expands sponsor roster, names keynote speakers

Conference seeking abstracts for contributed presentations

11/08/2022 SwRI develops novel microscopy method to evaluate screen erosion in oil and gas equipment

New method provides more comprehensive view of screen erosion

11/01/2022 SwRI experiment helps predict effects of DART impact

Study assesses ejecta momentum enhancement created by space probe’s collision with asteroid

10/25/2022 SwRI improves corrosion-detecting technology that detects leaks in pipes before they occur

New generation of Magnetostrictive Transducer Collar is more accurate, flexible and efficient

10/18/2022 SwRI scientists compile Cassini’s unique observations of Saturn’s rings

Compilation will inform future investigations into the formation, evolution of ring system

10/17/2022 SwRI using automation, smart driving to increase energy savings

NEXTCAR project aims to reduce energy consumption by over 30%

10/12/2022 SwRI develops automated system to detect compressed air leaks on trains

Technology could help industry save millions in fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions

10/11/2022 2023 Suborbital researchers conference to spotlight burgeoning rocket, balloon opportunities

Research, business and governmental communities to convene in February near Boulder, Colorado

10/03/2022 McDonough to lead SwRI’s Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division

SwRI’s multidisciplinary staff conducts R&D for government, industry clients worldwide

10/03/2022 SwRI creates Space Sector with two new divisions to support space research and development

Dr. Robin Canup and Michael McLelland will lead new divisions under Dr. James L. Burch

09/26/2022 SwRI wins R&D 100 Award for Integrally Geared Supercritical CO2 Compander

Energy technology recognized as one of the most significant innovations of 2022

09/20/2022 SwRI’s Dr. William Bottke named AGU Fellow

Planetary scientist is among small percentage of AGU members to be honored

09/19/2022 SwRI scientist helps identify new evidence for habitability in Enceladus’s ocean

Saturn moon’s subsurface ocean is likely rich in phosphorus, a key component for life

09/19/2022 SwRI celebrates 75 years of service to humankind

Institute recognized as a worldwide leader in advanced research, development