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Press Releases

06/27/2022 SwRI’s Kelly Smith promoted to Institute engineer

Smith specializes in mechanical design, fabrication and testing of space hardware

06/22/2022 SwRI scientists map sulfur residue on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa

Hubble Space Telescope ultraviolet data fills gap in observations

06/21/2022 SwRI scientists identify a possible source for Charon’s red cap

Research combined spacecraft data with new lab experiments, models of Pluto’s largest moon

06/21/2022 SwRI researcher shows how elliptical craters could shed light on age of Saturn’s moons

Scientist used Cassini data to examine crater populations on Tethys, Dione

06/13/2022 SwRI study examines oxide growth in additively manufactured metals in sCO2 environment

Researchers test how different types of metals react to supercritical conditions

06/06/2022 SwRI develops new robotics image processing tools to automate aircraft surface preparation

Roboticists to demonstrate Scan-N-PlanTM solutions, 3D reconstruction framework at Automate 2022

05/31/2022 SwRI’s Dr. Peter Lee Promoted to Institute Engineer

Lee helped establish SwRI’s tribology laboratory in 2011

05/23/2022 SwRI announces record levels of research, development activities

Six community leaders introduced as Advisory Trustees at 74th Annual Meeting

05/20/2022 SwRI-led Lucy Mission Observes a Total Lunar Eclipse

NASA spacecraft approaching Earth for a gravity-assist to accelerate its trajectory to the Trojan asteroids

05/04/2022 SwRI technology reduces heavy-duty diesel emissions to meet stringent CARB 2027 NOx requirements

CAT-DEF™ technology findings presented at WCX™ 2022

05/03/2022 SwRI’s Dr. Natalie Smith wins ASME early career award

Engineer recognized for contributions to gas turbine industry

05/03/2022 SwRI-led team finds younger exoplanets better candidates when looking for other Earths

Some exoplanets found thus far may be too old to support temperate, Earth-like climates

05/02/2022 SwRI develops cyber security intrusion detection system for industrial control systems

Algorithms detect cyber threats to Modbus/TCP protocol for utilities, manufacturing networks

04/28/2022 SwRI’s Dr. Hal Levison receives Dirk Brouwer Career Award

AAS DDA award recognizes his contributions to our understanding of the formation of the solar system

04/25/2022 SwRI acquires powerful field emission scanning electron microscope

Microscope can magnify objects greater than 1,000,000 times and will chiefly aid in research and development of nanomaterials, thin films