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Press Releases

02/18/2019 SwRI annual meeting features technical presentations

Zachry, Alexander re-elected chair, vice chair

02/11/2019 SwRI, UT Health San Antonio researchers win automated cancer detection challenge

Robotics artificial intelligence algorithm adapted for health diagnostics

02/06/2019 SwRI develops optocoupler for spaceflight applications

High-voltage, high-speed power converter offers high reliability, long life

02/04/2019 SwRI supports joint industry program to verify drilling sensors and systems

JIP will define industry-driven independent verification, validation standards

01/23/2019 SwRI scientist sheds light on Titan’s mysterious atmosphere

New study suggests the “cooking” of ancient organics created thick nitrogen atmosphere

01/21/2019 SwRI engineers create decision-making tool for oil spill clean-up

Tool finds the best solutions for specific spill scenarios

01/17/2019 SwRI scientists study Moon craters to understand Earth’s impact history

Earth, Moon experienced similar spike in bombardment over the last 300 million years

01/14/2019 SwRI sponsors ITS America’s 10th Student Essay Competition with cash prize

Essays to address how new technology can make transportation system safer, greener, smarter

01/07/2018 New Horizons offers new view of Ultima Thule

Icy object is now the most distant world ever visited by a spacecraft

12/31/2018 Juno mission captures images of volcanic plumes on Jupiter’s moon Io

Light from the plumes and fires of Io on Earth’s darkest night