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Press Releases

06/06/2023 SwRI markerless motion capture project optimizes baseball pitchers’ movements

Unique analysis engine aims to prevent injury, improve performance

06/05/2023 SwRI investigates accuracy of flow meters measuring hydrogen and natural gas blends

Institute begins second phase of a program to determine how accurate current flow meters are at measuring blended gas

05/31/2023 SwRI’s Thomas Briggs Receives SAE International’s Forest R. McFarland Award

Award recognizes SAE International members’ outstanding contributions to organization’s mission

05/30/2023 Webb Telescope finds towering plume of water escaping from Saturn moon

SwRI scientist awarded JWST Cycle 2 observations of Enceladus

05/24/2023 SwRI’s Dr. Peter Lee named STLE Fellow

Lee was recognized for contributions to tribology, lubrication engineering at 2023 STLE annual meeting, May 21-25

05/22/2023 ROS-Industrial Americas Consortium celebrates 10th annual meeting at Automate 2023

Robot Operating System for industrial applications makes inroads to manufacturing, industry

05/11/2023 SwRI to lead NASA/SSERVI Center for Lunar Origin and Evolution

Center will support science enabled by human, rover exploration of the far side of the Moon

05/15/2023 Latest research provides SwRI scientists close-up views of energetic particle jets ejected from the Sun

New study observes unusual isotope variations in solar particle injections

05/09/2023 SwRI selected for Phase A study to develop next-generation NOAA coronagraph

Short, externally occulted Space Weather Solar Coronagraph features novel 1.5-stage occultation scheme

05/03/2023 SwRI designs safer, more effective hydrogen injector for gas turbines

Injector prevents damaging flashback while lowering CO2, NOx emissions

05/02/2023 SwRI, UTSA researchers develop new method to synthesize antimalarial drug

New method could lead to more cost-effective malaria treatments

04/25/2023 SwRI tests automated vehicles in virtual off-road environments

Software-in-the-loop tool offers 3D simulation with graphical information system data for AV testing

04/20/2023 SwRI-led team successfully observes Australian eclipse in preparation for 2024 U.S. eclipse

Pathfinding exercise paves the way for extensive U.S. observations in 2024

04/19/2023 SwRI launches the Global Decarbonized Mobility Summit Nov. 13-17

Inaugural summit to assemble transportation industry, consortia members to discuss challenges, solutions to decarbonizing mobility

04/18/2023 SwRI highlights NEXTCAR II project advancements at 2023 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

NEXTCAR technology aims to reduce vehicular energy consumption by over 30%