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Press Releases

09/18/2023 New findings suggest Moon may have less water than previously thought

Moon’s permanently shadowed regions are younger than previously estimated

09/12/2023 SwRI engineers recognized with international AOC awards

Association of Old Crows honors three EW professionals for technical leadership, excellence

08/28/2023 Novel SwRI-developed antenna array wins 2023 R&D 100 Award

SwRI’s Wideband Conformal Continuous-Slot Antenna Array recognized as among the 100 most significant innovations of 2023

08/28/2023 SwRI will lead Hubble, Webb observations of Io, Jupiter’s volcanic moon

Remote-sensing data will complement Juno spacecraft’s in situ observations

08/23/2023 SwRI investigates the efficiency impact of smart-technology-enabled vehicles

Eco-driving technology can significantly improve the energy efficiency of electric, internal combustion vehicles

08/14/2023 SwRI’s Tracy Becker receives Sagan Medal

AAS DPS award recognizes outstanding communications, outreach

08/10/2023 SwRI micropatch algorithm improves ground-to-spacecraft software update efficiency

Team demonstrates novel software tool on International Space Station computer

08/08/2023 SwRI launches Engine for Automatic Biomechanical Evaluation (ENABLE™) markerless analysis tool

SwRI demonstrates markerless biomechanics software at American Society of Biomechanics conference

08/07/2023 SwRI helps create open-source software to assist rail industry decarbonization efforts

ALTRIOS can assess green technology impacts on rail fuel consumption, emissions and more

07/25/2023 SwRI’s Wyrick named GSA Fellow

Honor recognizes scientific achievements, service to the GSA Planetary Geology Division

07/25/2023 SwRI developing advanced electronic warfare system for U.S. Air Force

Ultra-wideband receiver achieves rapid signal detection, increased bandwidth coverage

07/20/2023 SwRI-led team finds ancient, high-energy impacts could have fueled Venus volcanism

Models show Venus’ superheated core could produce extended volcanism, long-lived resurfacing

07/19/2023 NASA selects SwRI to lead DIMPLE lunar lander/rover instrument suite

Novel CODEX instrument will assess the age of a unique patch of basalt on the Moon’s nearside

07/17/2023 SwRI team identifies giant swirling waves at the edge of Jupiter’s magnetosphere

Waves produced by Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities transfer energy in the solar system

07/11/2023 SwRI delivers plasma spectrometer for Moon mission

Magnetic Anomaly Plasma Spectrometer will study the impact of solar wind particles on lunar surface