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Press Releases

04/18/2022 SwRI wins IEEE Region 5 award

IEEE recognizes SwRI as Outstanding Large Company

04/11/2022 Southwest Research Institute automotive engineering expertise on display at SAE International’s WCX™ 2022

Engineers, mobility industry leaders WCX™ World Congress Experience in Detroit to discuss, explore mobility challenges and more

04/05/2022 SwRI scientists connect the dots between Galilean moon, auroral emissions on Jupiter

Juno spacecraft discovered clues about mysterious processes creating the dance of the auroral footprints

04/04/2022 SwRI’s new Space System Integration Facility supports smallsat development

New capabilities, capacities support rapid response for innovative space applications

03/29/2022 SwRI-led study points to multiple eruptions forming Pluto’s giant ice volcanos

Cryovolcanic activity the likely mechanism behind the unique features

03/29/2022 SwRI sponsors ITS World Congress student essay, video competition with cash prize

Essays or videos to address how disruptive technologies will transform transportation

03/28/2022 SwRI’s James Burch receives NASA’s highest honor

Distinguished Public Service Medal recognizes Burch’s visionary leadership

03/23/2022 SwRI’s Livi recognized by the Explorers Club

Organization recognized 50 people changing the world

03/21/2022 Southwest Research Institute revitalizing hydrogen engine concepts

SwRI’s powertrain engineers are testing novel approaches for using hydrogen as fuel in internal combustion engines

03/15/2022 SwRI, UT Austin create new opportunity for collaborative energy research

The Energize Program will facilitate greater scientific collaboration between SwRI and UT Austin

03/14/2022 Keys to lead SwRI’s Applied Power Division

SwRI’s multidisciplinary staff conduct R&D for government, industry clients worldwide

03/07/2022 SwRI selected by ARPA-E to create more effective burner to reduce methane emissions

With University of Michigan, SwRI using machine learning, additive manufacturing, computational fluid dynamics for project

03/03/2022 SwRI-designed ultraviolet instrument to play integral part of NASA’s Europa Clipper mission

Europa-UVS will search for water vapor plumes erupting from the Jupiter moon

02/09/2022 SwRI scientists help determine comet delivery to Moon

Volatiles in a permanently shaded crater likely hailed from comet

02/02/2022 SwRI adds capability for testing hydrogen and natural gas blends

Institute’s new test capabilities can evaluate these more environmentally friendly fuel sources