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Press Releases

03/29/2021 SwRI scientists discover a new auroral feature on Jupiter

UVS images faint auroral rings that likely originate at edge of gas giant’s magnetosphere

03/18/2021 SwRI scientists help identify the first stratospheric winds measured on Jupiter

Jovian jet streams above the cloud tops measured using the aftermath of comet collision

03/17/2021 SwRI develops new model, controller to optimize fast charging of electric vehicles

Technique averts potentially damaging “lithium plating,” accelerates recharge by 35%

03/16/2021 SwRI researcher theorizes worlds with underground oceans may be more conducive to life than worlds with surface oceans like Earth

Layers of ice and rock obviate the need for “habitable zone” and shield life against threats

03/12/2021 SwRI receives $5.25 million DOE award for NEXTCAR technology

Cutting-edge CAV technology to optimize vehicle performance, efficiency

03/09/2021 Serendipitous Juno Spacecraft Detections Shatter Ideas About Origin of Zodiacal Light

New research points to Mars as a source of inner solar system dust

03/02/2021 SwRI researchers test natural gas foam’s ability to reduce water use in fracking

Engineers created test facility to show natural gas foam can be created on-site to reduce waste of natural resources

02/24/2021 SwRI scientist captures evidence of dynamic seasonal activity on a Martian sand dune

Research finds that airborne dust plumes are produced by sliding blocks of dry ice each spring

02/22/2021 SwRI scientists image a bright meteoroid explosion in Jupiter’s atmosphere

Juno’s UVS instrument makes relatively rare observation of common events

02/17/2021 SwRI announces record 2020 consolidated revenues of nearly $696 million

15 community leaders introduced as advisory trustees at virtual 73rd Annual Meeting

02/10/2021 SwRI scientist proposes a new timeline for Mars terrains

Updated models predict that NASA’s Perseverance rover will encounter more ancient surfaces

01/25/2021 SwRI projects receive $950,000 in funding from U.S. Department of Energy

Research includes energy storage projects that integrate pumped heat, hydrogen and liquid air technology

01/13/2021 NASA extends Juno mission to Jupiter

Extended mission expanded to explore Jovian rings, moons

01/05/2021 Mass spectrometer enhances SwRI’s automotive catalyst testing

Instrument detects emissions invisible to other equipment in real time

12/21/2020 SwRI-led team finds meteoric evidence for a previously unknown asteroid

Mineralogy points to large, water-rich parent asteroid for carbonaceous chondrite meteorite