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Press Releases

09/10/2018 SwRI scientists find evidence for early planetary shake-up

Asteroid pair is the “smoking gun” indicating an earlier altercation amongst the giants

09/05/2018 SwRI to launch 2nd phase of emissions, catalyst technologies consortium

AC2AT-II program aims to improve understanding of catalysts and emission control systems

09/04/2018 SwRI engineers are developing a small cooled turbine to make drones more reliable and efficient

3D printed impeller allows unmanned aircraft to operate for thousands of hours without need for repairs

08/28/2018 SwRI scientist develops database for stellar-exoplanet “exploration”

Stellar chemistry hints at composition, potential habitability of alien worlds

08/22/2018 SwRI investigates new techniques to estimate groundwater recharge

Remote-sensing satellite data could lead to more definitive predictions

08/14/2018 SwRI establishes Collaborative Robotics Laboratory

Engineers leveraging “cobots” for safer, smarter human-robot work applications

08/08/2018 SwRI, UTSA researchers design minimally invasive medicinal implant

Connect grant supports development of biodegradable device to treat various types of illnesses

08/08/2018 SwRI to host 2018 small molecule drug development workshop

Course to cover drug development CMC, IND submission

08/07/2018 SwRI®, UTSA researchers map Edwards Aquifer with innovative new tracers

Connect grant supports research to create a unique database for groundwater modeling

08/02/2018 Southwest Research Institute part of group selected to support Navy undersea vehicle research

Program may utilize SwRI’s marine structure expertise