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We offer multidisciplinary, problem-solving services in a variety of areas in the engineering and physical sciences. As an independent and impartial nonprofit that performs applied contract research and development, we are focused on pursuing innovation and excellence for the benefit of our clients. As part of a long-held tradition, patent rights arising from sponsored research can be assigned to the client; SwRI generally retains the right to Institute-sponsored research. We strive to ensure our products and services conform to the highest quality standards and have achieved multiple quality accreditations and certifications.

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Contract vehicles and teaming structures that help your organization advance its goals

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Contract R&D by a leading nonprofit that’s trusted by leading players

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Independent, forward leadership helping organizations pool resources for cost effective research

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Search our patents and learn how we help transfer technology for clients

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Solutions provider as prime or subcontractor for government and industry contracts

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Achieving and maintaining certification and accreditation for the highest quality standards

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Our internal R&D program helps us advance technologies that ultimately benefit clients

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