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Latest R&D Presentations

These presentations on key SwRI research programs conducted during the 2022 fiscal year were given at the 75th Annual Meeting of Advisory Trustees and Board of Directors of Southwest Research Institute held on February 20, 2023. Contact Deb Schmid, +1 210 522 2073 or Joanna Quintanilla, +1 210 522 2073 for more information.


MASPEX: Sniffing for Alien Life

A groundbreaking new mass spectrometer is set to launch next year aboard NASA’s Europa Clipper spacecraft. The spectrometer is one of nine instruments that make up the science payload, aimed at revealing the secrets of Europa, an icy moon of Jupiter believed to harbor a subsurface ocean.

For more information, visit Planetary Science.

Dr. Kelly Miller, Group Leader, Space Science Division

Pumped Thermal Energy Storage

With the world eager to adopt renewable energy technologies, the vexing problem of how to store this energy for when the power grid most needs it remains a technical challenge. A possible solution for this issue is the world’s first pumped thermal energy storage demonstration system, built on the SwRI campus.

For more information, visit Long Duration Energy Storage.

Dr. Natalie Smith, Group Leader, Mechanical Engineering Division

Identifying RNA Viral Threats

SwRI’s Austin-based wholly owned subsidiary, Signature Science LLC, also focuses on research and development that solves scientific and technological challenges. Signature Science is part of a project for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop a new workflow for identifying RNA viral threats, enabling researchers to quickly identify and address new and emerging diseases.

For more information, visit

Dr. Anthony Kappell, Molecular Biologist, Signature Science


When most people hear the term “cybersecurity,” they think about how to protect their personal accounts from hacking. However, any system that transfers data using over-the-air communications is susceptible to attack, including industrial machinery, the power grid and the cars we drive. SwRI is working to test the security of systems to assess and address vulnerabilities before they become targets.

For more information, visit Cyber Security Services.

Vic Murray, Assistant Director, Intelligent Systems Division

Reducing Greenhouse Gases

SwRI is leading several efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, including advancing the hydrogen economy. SwRI is supporting clients as they move toward the electrification of heavy machinery as well as a number of other innovative projects.

For more information, visit Hydrogen Powered Vehicles or Powertrain Design, Analysis & Simulation.

Angel Wileman, Manager, Mechanical Engineering Division; Chris Hennessy, Director, Powertrain Engineering Division and Dr. Graham Conway, Principal Engineer, Powertrain Engineering Division