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Space Research & Technology

Space Science & Engineering


SwRI is an internationally recognized center for basic space science research and for the development of spacecraft instrumentation and avionics systems and has recently expanded its space-related activities into the area of microsatellite design, development, and fabrication. Our scientific staff is active in a variety of research areas: terrestrial and planetary magnetospheres; solar physics; planetary geology and atmospheres; comets, asteroids, and other small solar system bodies; planetary system origins and formation; and high-energy astrophysics. SwRI was the principal investigator institution for the highly successful IMAGE mission and now leads the New Horizons, Juno, and Lucy missions as well as the science investigation of NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale mission. SwRI-developed in-situ and remote-sensing instruments have flown, are flying, or are under development for flight on a number of NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) missions, while SwRI-developed avionics systems have flown without a single on-orbit failure on over 50 government and commercial missions.

Space Operations

Leading observational and theoretical studies of distant space objects and phenomena

Space Engineering & Project Management

Designing and constructing spaceflight instrumentation

D022498 space instrumentation

Design and fabrication of instruments for in-situ measurement  

Space Science Services

Serving as principal investigators for spacecraft instruments and space missions