Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Software, Advanced Electronic Warfare

Software, Electronics & Cyber Technology


SwRI offers comprehensive services that help military and defense clients integrate the latest technology and capabilities designed to enhance safety and security. From the development of software to rolling out interoperability among different organizations, we provide solutions that improve overall efficiency and technical capability.

Electronics Integration & Cyber Technology

Providing electronic warfare solutions, automated testing, and independent verification for defense and aerospace

Computational Mechanics

Developing and applying state-of-the-art computational tools using large-scale numerical simulations to solve a broad range of client problems

Surveillance & Geolocation

Offering solutions from spectrum surveillance and satellite-based tracking to remote sensing 

Signals Intelligence Solutions

Designing and developing signal acquisition and radiolocation technologies, including antenna and RF systems

Software Engineering

Developing secure software solutions for tactical and strategic signals processing and intelligence solutions

Tactical Products

Providing intelligence solutions on mobile platforms operating in challenging environments