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RF Sensors & Systems

Surveillance & Geolocation


The RF Sensors and Systems Department (RSD) in the Defense and Intelligence Solutions Division develops innovative technology and products for clients in the RF sensors, electronic and cyber warfare and information exploitation domains. Specializing in quick reaction and rapid prototyping, RSD has a long history of successfully going from concepts to operations quickly to meet client needs. In the RF sensors domain, the department develops new technology and products for clients requiring broad radio frequency domain design, engineering sensor support and specialized antenna application areas such as modern wireless communication, radio imaging and radiolocation. In the electronic warfare domain, the department rapid fields new ES and EA capabilities, including rapid algorithm to application, advanced sensors and automated EW battle management capabilities. In the information exploitation domain, the department performs critical data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) development and data engineering that supports operational automated processing, exploitation and dissemination of critical real-time and term intelligence data.