Advanced science.  Applied technology.





From consumer products to military applications, we develop solutions for advanced electronics, microelectronic devices and systems, unique power supplies and sources, voice and data communications and mechanical systems. Custom firmware and software helps these systems address specific technical challenges.

Acoustics & Ultrasonics

Conducting ultrasonic experiments, sound measurements, and acoustic evaluations on equipment ranging from electronic components to vehicles

Advanced Systems

Developing electronic and mechanical systems from concept to prototype fabrication by integrating commercially available technology with custom design

Biometric Systems

Performing research and development of sensors and software utilizing fingerprints, irises, spacio-temporal images, and emotional and metabolic information

Predictive Analysis & Data Mining

Utilizing machine learning, artificial intelligence, and databases to gather strategic information from large data in a broad range of industries

Electromagnetic Modeling

Developing software and modeling for computational electromagnetics that test magnet design, induction fields, and antennas in electronics and robotics

Electronics Systems & Robotics

Developing advanced concepts and methodologies in a wide range of technical areas

Intelligent Networks & Internet of Things

Providing network and wireless communications solutions

Lasers, Optics & Electro-Optics

Offering state-of-the-art laboratories for measurements, simulations, and research of laser systems, optical sensing, infrared, ultraviolet, and light delivery systems

Applied Sensing

Implementing sensor technology solutions for the aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defense, energy, medical, sports, and transportation industries