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Blast & Impact

Blast & Impact

SwRI investigates and studies the nonlinear response of materials and structures. A special emphasis is placed on responses to large deformations at high strain rates, often to failure. The staff uses an integrated approach to problem solving, effectively combining experimental, analytical, and computational techniques to understand and meet client needs. Research activities include fundamental investigations, applied studies and analyses, and developmental studies. Typical applications include armor and antiarmor, penetration mechanics, armor mechanics, counterproliferation, physical security, demilitarization, safety studies, accident post-mortem analyses, containment studies, transient loads and structural response analyses, dynamic materials characterization, and state-of-the-art analytical and computational modeling.


A Short Course on Penetration Mechanics


Gas Gun


Using an integrated approach, including experimentation, numerical simulation, and analytical modeling, to investigate and solve fundamental and applied problems

Ballistics & Explosives

Providing ballistics, explosion loading, structural response and scale modeling analysis, design and testing

Blast & Containment

Solving containment problems from conceptual design through fabrication, proof testing, and installation

Hypersonics Research silver cone graphic with green flare and blue triangle background

Providing the aerospace and defense sectors with world-class facilities to perform hypersonic research, modeling and flight test solutions

Penetration Mechanics

Investigating and solving fundamental and applied problems in penetration mechanics


Combining experimentation and numerical simulations to provide clients with answers and solutions to problems in penetration and armor mechanics