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We have one of the world’s largest organizations dedicated to fire research and testing. We offer multidisciplinary fire and explosion testing and research services, including consultation, listing and labeling, third party sampling and inspections, and engineering and scientific solutions to fire and explosion problems. We study fire dynamics, developing unique engineering and scientific resources for the resolution of fire and explosion safety issues, serving both government and commercial clients in the construction, transportation, chemical and petrochemical, nuclear, and telecommunications industries. We provide high-quality and timely services to evaluate and mitigate fire- and explosion-related hazards for our clients.

Fire Testing Services

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Fire Research Services

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Accredited, certified and recognized as an independent testing laboratory and/or inspection agency

A fire testing of material compatibility and performance

Providing multidisciplinary fire and explosion testing, consultation, listing and labeling, third-party sampling and inspection

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Developing custom tests and solutions for a wide range of fire and explosion problem

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Ensuring products, materials and assemblies meet specified requirements and performance

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Conducting a wide range of standard fire tests in accordance with strict standard methods