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Fuels & Lubricants

Fuels & Lubricants


We evaluate and verify fuels and lubricants used in air, automotive, rail and water vehicles to meet certification standards. Our extensive expertise, quality control and client services are world-renowned. Test results from our evaluation projects are often used to optimize and improve product performance.

Fuel economy remains in the forefront of automotive issues. Original equipment manufacturers often improve components that may produce incremental, but important, gains in efficiency. We measure those gains through our fuel economy testing services. We offer extensive services in fuel sampling and evaluate filtration and contamination issues to solve technical challenges to meet or exceed industry standards.

Filtration & Contamination

Assessing  contamination sensitivity of fuel system, engine, powertrain, and hydraulic system components


Producing, analyzing, and certifying conventional and alternative fuels

Standardized Lubricant Testing

Performing lubricant evaluations using industry standard, OEM specification and customized studies

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Developing efficiency improvement and emission reduction pre-competitive technologies