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We offer a wide range of facilities, equipment and specialized methodologies to evaluate fuels and how they interact with current and future engine technologies. Engine-based testing is performed on current production gasoline and diesel engines as well as single cylinder research engines. We also perform vehicle-based fuel evaluations on mileage accumulation dynamometers, test tracks and public roads.

We can produce, analyze and certify conventional and alternative fuels and have established the International Alternative Fuels Technology Center (IAFTC). The Center assists clients in exploring, developing and evaluating current and future alternative fuels from source, through production, to real-world use. Included in the IAFTC is specialized expertise in aviation and military alternative fuels.

Contaminated fuel is often the culprit when standby emergency generators suddenly fail, which can create life-threatening emergencies. We are experienced in preventing such unwanted shutdowns by providing recommendations in areas of diesel fuel quality assurance to hospitals, airports, the armed forces, nuclear power plants, and other organizations that require high quality, reliable systems.