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Filtration & Contamination

Filtration & Contamination


Vehicles and equipment frequently encounter contamination that may cause excessive wear, unreliable operation, or complete failure. These harmful contaminants include particulate debris from ingested dust, water, microbiological growth, lubricating oil, soot and wear. Filtration products minimize exposure to these contaminants, reducing equipment maintenance costs and downtime.

We evaluate filtration performance, solve filtration-related problems and assists in defining filtration requirements. With broad capabilities in material sciences, engine design and development, and fuel and lubricant technologies, the Institute provides a significant, single resource to filtration manufacturers, suppliers and users. We participate in professional societies and industry groups that promulgate filtration standards and specifications. Because of our independent and impartial status, SwRI frequently offers opportunities to participate in cooperative research and development programs. We have achieved certification to ISO 9001 or 9002, ensuring compliance with stringent quality control procedures in design, development and testing.