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Contamination Research

Contamination significantly affects the performance and durability of fuel, air, and lubricant components and systems, especially with respect to automotive safety and vehicle performance. We use advanced analytical tools, testing techniques, and simulation methodologies to assess the contamination sensitivity of fuel system, engine, powertrain and hydraulic system components.

Our contamination research focuses on:

  • Gasoline fuel delivery systems
  • Diesel common rail fuel systems
  • Hydraulic pumps, valves, and filtration systems
  • Filtration performance under vibration and cyclic flow conditions
  • Component-level performance evaluation
  • Thermal cycle and contamination durability
  • Hot fuel handling of fuel delivery pumps/modules
  • Fuel compatibility studies
  • Water handling under icing conditions
  • Overheat evaluation of fuel pumps
  • Injector flow characteristic evaluation
  • System and component ESD status evaluation